Guided Wave Ultrasonics - GUL


  • Volumetric screening of lengths of pipe
  • Detects reflection of ultrasonic waves at changes in cross sectional area
  • Follow up with local inspection / ndt at indications
  • Can be used on pipe sizes from 2-8” with metal collars, 6-72” with inflatable collars, <2” using special sensors


  • Fast; quick data collection, large distances per shot
  • Can be performed in-service
  • Can be performed on insulated lines with minimal removal
  • Minimal surface preparation required
  • Minimal local access required (typical 500mm of pipe, 100mm around circumference)
  • Allows inspection via remote access under right conditions
  • Portable, typical 2-man crew
  • Can be permanently installed for periodic monitoring of critical areas (PIMS)

GUL has been used succesfully in a variety of fields and applications, on- and offshore, in the petrochemical industry in conditions ranging from the Middle East to Alaska. Long-distance coverage is achieved by utilizing torsional sound waves at lower frequencies compared with conventional transverse and longitudinal waves. Test ranges of up to 200m have been recorded on lines in reasonable condition. WaveMaker Software generates an automated report. Contents of the report can be customized to fit the client’s requirements. Reports could be either concise or comprehensive. Supporting documents, such as photographs, TOFD screen-captures, LSI scans or Conformable Eddy Current Array images can be imported to the report.